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EAI offers researchers a streamlined path to quality research, an accelerated process for innovation commercialization and a level playing field to get recognized based on current contributions.

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The EAI Community portal is a unique platform for networking, collaboration and presentation of scientific output. It links online and on-site collaboration, provides members with powerful tools to increase their productivity and offers a wide range of opportunities and activities.

Registered members can also earn points which are translated into ranks within the community, as well as to numerous rewards and benefits.

The process is really simple. (pictograms – icons)

Sign up and register -> join activities -> earn points -> rise in ranks -> enjoy rewards


The registration process is completely free. The more information you decide to add, the higher the chances of getting contacted by other EAI Members and getting invited to join various activities.


EAI Members can be active in the fields of research or innovation. They can start their own activities, or join existing ones. All the activities within the EAI Community portal are aimed at improving community collaboration, creating scientific output and helping innovations reach the market. By being active, users earn points.

Earning points:

Points are awarded for activities and contributions within the EAI Community. They are calculated using a formula, which uses the quality of the contribution (evaluated by the community) and its impact (reach).

These points are added to the total number of points the user has earned – and they last for a year. This way, even younger members have a chance to shine. One year of brilliance can jumpstart their career and help them earn recognition and rise in ranks.

How the ranks work:

The highest rank a user can achieve is the rank of an EAI Fellow – this rank is reserved for the top 0,1% of the EAI community. The next level is “Distinguished Members”, consisting of the next 1% of the community. Senior Members form the next 3% of the users. Ranks determine which benefits the users can access.

There are several types of rewards users can receive:

Benefits range from the opportunity to become a Keynote at a major event, becoming a distinguished speaker, getting a paper invited to an event, all the way to discounts at conferences and summits and priorities in various opportunities.